LKP Singers.


Trinity Lutheran College, Sunset Hall.

• Sunday 24th of November. 5pm.

• Dress Rehearsal – Saturday 23rd of November.

• The hall is transformed for the evening, with long tables and chairs. BYO food and drink.

• Tickets will roughly be $20 for adults and $15 for children. This money pays for all the fees associated with putting on such an event. Please note, tickets will also be limited.

• Students can participate as much or less as they wish. Not all students will be singing a solo (as over 90 solo items could see us sitting there until midnight). There will be many duets, trios and group items throughout the evening.


SATURDAY 20th October

TLC - Sunset Hall

9.30-10.30am – MATILDA SECTION

·         (All students year 7 and under)

10.30-11.30am – My Strongest suit

·         Soloist – Danika

·         Singers - Abby,  Shaniah, Darcie

·         Dancers - Danielle C, Shene, Ellen, Jessica W

10.30-11.30am – Forget you

·         Soloists – Dean and Michael

·         Ensemble - Megan Hood, Casey Algate, Shanae Acheson, Breanna Clode, Kitt Gordon, Jasmine Stephens, Laura Gathercole, Maddison Forrest, Aleisha, Ally, Hayley Stanborough and Taylor Hand

11.30-12.15 – True Colours

·         Soloists - Casey Algate and Megan Hood

·         Ensemble - Kitt Gordon, Maddison Forrest, Aleisha, Ally, Taylor Hand, Ellen Bowditch, Mimi Tilley, Sophie Buffon, Phoebe Train and Hayley Stanborough

12.15-1 – Spelling Bee Section

·         ALL students year 7 and above.

1-1.30 – Devil’s Beat

·         Soloist - Danielle Cua

·         Ensemble - Demi, Taylor, Shania M, Danika, Shene, Jess D, Abby, Shaniah B.

1.30-2pm – Heatwave

·         Soloist – Darcie Anderson

·         Ensemble – Danika, Shene and Taylor